SAVANA - Premium Men's Underwear

The Simple Solution For Varicocele Problems

Improve fertility by maintaining a healthy testicular temperature, which is 2-3°C below body temperature.

Increase testosterone by restoring healthy circulation during exercise and especially in the late evening hours.

Get rid of varicocele discomfort, such as strange feelings, stinging or pulling, by simply wearing Savana underwear!

Choose your underwear according to your severity

One Mission

The Best Varicocele Underwear For Men,
Delivered Right To Your Doorstep.

Two Options

SAVANA M02 Comfort for Varicocele Grade 1 & 2

M02 Comfort Perfect for Varicocele Grade 1 + 2

Free Yourself from Unpleasant Symptoms!

SAVANA M07 Sports for Varicocele Grade 2 & 3

SAVANA M07 Perfect for Varicocele Severity 2+3

Free Yourself from Unpleasant Symptoms!

M07 Sports More Compression for More Power.

Micro Modal Lenzing
3.5 x Better than Cotton

The Savana Boxer Briefs are currently still available in all sizes! Hurry before it’s too late.

In the European Union, United States, Canada & Mexico also available at Amazon.

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Ergonomic U-Cut

  • More space for extra support
  • Quick evaporation of moisture
  • 3D cut prevents squeezing

Breathable Material

  •  Promotes breathability
  •  Feels cool against the skin
  •  Feels silky to the touch

Perfectly Suited

  •  For everyday activities
  •  For sports (running/fitness)
  •  For going out with friends

Best Quality

  •  No standard boxer briefs
  •  18 months development
  •  Combination of best features

Perfect Fit

  •  Optimized for the man
  •  Physiology of the man
  •  Attractive design

Optimized for the Man

  •  Fresher feeling
  •  Healthier feeling
  •  General well-being



Savana Premium Men's Boxer Briefs (Varicocele Underwear)

In the European Union, United States, Canada & Mexico also available at Amazon.



We are so sure that you will love your new savana underwear, that we fully protect you with our 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason at all, simply contact us within 30 days and our helpful support team will promptly issue the refund process with you.

SAVANA - Premium Men's Boxer Briefs

  • Savana Underwear – The Best Therapeutic Varicocele Underwear for Men.
  • 7 Ways The Right Underwear Helps Men Treat Varicocele Discomfort.
  • Typical Varicocele Symptoms and How they can be Remedied by Wearing the Right Underwear.

Do you have problems with varicocele?

The Right Solution for you is to use Savana Underwear in everyday life and at work.

Savana Underwear offers a unique, natural way to reduce the symptoms of varicocele.

Free Yourself from unpleasant varicocele symptoms

A varicocele is a circulatory disorder caused by the dilatation of veins in the scrotum.

This condition can impair the healthy function of male testicles by overheating it due to a blood pooling in the scrotum. However, a varicocele does not only affects testicles functions, but can also lead to a decrease in testicular volume (atrophy).

The Good News? Both are reversible and wearing the right, cooling, slightly compressing underwear will help you a lot in achieving this.

Typical Varicocele Symptoms:

  • A strange vein complex at one of your testicles (often left)
  • Worm-like swelling in your scrotum
    Visibly enlarged or twisted veins in your scrotum, often described as a “Bag of Worms”
  • A dull, recurring pain in your scrotum
  • A feeling of heaviness or overheating in the scrotum (often at end of the day) 

Varicocele Boxer Briefs - The Best Choice for Everyday Life

The best choice for the right boxer shorts for everyday life is a model that lightly supports the testicles, is made of thin material, achieves good air circulation and improves blood circulation in the scrotum through light compression. Especially with varicocele, these features are basic requirements for improving the condition.

Savana Underwear Solves The Problem in 7 Ways.

Cooling Technology

Savana Underwear has a cooling technology that allows a constant temperature in the scrotum, which must be lower than the body temperature.


Soft Micro Modal from Lenzing absorbs less moisture. This makes it more difficult for bacteria and other odor sources to accumulate and create a strong odor.

Breathable fabric

The Savana Underwear is made of Micro Modal Lenzing and Spandex, making it the gold standard and the best choice for breathable underwear.


Wearing very tight briefs is not ideal for testicular health. The Savana Underwear is by far one of the most comfortable underwear we have found.

Restore Healthy Testicle

When heat exposure is prolonged, it can affect the health of the testicles in a negative way.

Improved Testicular Functions

The main reason that the testicles are located in the scrotum outside the body is because the testicles function best at a temperature 2-3 degrees below body temperature.

Restoration of Blood Circulation

Varicocele disturbs the natural blood circulation in the scrotum. This leads to venous blood stasis. Savana Underwear provides compression, which restores the healthy blood circulation even in the late evening hours.

Okay, sounds good, but will it really work for you? 

Here’s how you can apply this to your life in just 3 simple steps:

Available in the most attractive Color for Men and 5 Sizes

Savana Underwear is available in Men’s most attractive color “black”. The right size is available for every type.

Breathable Fabric and Cooling Technology

With breathable fabric and cooling technology, Savana Underwear can significantly reduce the symptoms caused by varicocele.

Quick Help with Varicocele

  • Quick Help with Varicocele by Savana Underwear Boxer Briefs
  • Incredibly breathable and lightweight, with a soft touch for maximum comfort
  • Supports without exerting pressure. Perfect scrotal support for Men with varicocele

Don't let Varicocele control your life!

We know that life with varicocele is not easy and that many beautiful moments are interrupted by this condition, but fortunately there is a simple solution to your problems – it’s Savana Underwear. Order today and start living life to the fullest again!

What you get when you order today:

The Savana Boxer Briefs are currently still available in all sizes! Hurry before it’s too late.

One Mission

At Savana, we only focus on ONE THING:

Making The Best Therapeutic Varicocele Underwear available for Men and delivering it straight to your doorstep.

Doing so, Our Sub Goals define as the following:

  • Restore a healthy testicular environment by helping maintain the healthy testicular temperature, 2-3°C below normal body temperature of 36.5°C
  • Minimize varicocele symptoms by restoring the healthy blood circulation during workouts and especially in the late evening hours.
  • Stop varicocele discomfort in everyday life by ending strange feelings coming up from down there, immediately!
Choose your underwear according to your varicocele grade / severity level.

Two Options